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Rock & Rolls

Rock & Roll tiles are organically textured tiles with pools of glass formed with actual rocks. Available in 8", 11", 13" & 15" squares and up to 48" lengths in 'Stick' designs as shown below.

Rock n Roll 'Stick Series'

A 'Stick' is composed of 4-6 individual tiles each with unique texture and pools of glass. Blocked on the backside for an offset installation using cleats for a secure fit.​

Width is approximately 4-1/2" with lengths varying from 36-48" based on need. Can hang horizontally or vertically.


Smaller versions of the 'Stick Series', Twiggs can be combined to creatively fill any space. Slender dimensions start at 2-3/4" and grow up to 4-3/4" in width. Lengths range from 16" to 21". Cleanly blocked on the backside with a keyhole for easy hanging!