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Susan Piazza

artist . ​tile maker

A little about myself...

After twenty years in the art and interior design industry I was completely hooked on the clay process when I was exposed to an open studio environment. This evolved into having my own studio and a decade later my enthusiasm for this medium continues!

All of my work is hand-built or from slab, using various stoneware clay bodies. Both visual and tactile texture is always a driving force, along with the added form clay allows. The pairing of deliberate intention combined with inevitable surprise is so very compelling as each piece unveils itself and shows its own unique quality.

I’d describe my style as ‘abstract/organic’. There is a strong contemporary feel to my work yet through organic shapes, texture or the irregularity of shape, form and the deckled edges themselves, a hint of the natural always plays its part making for an interesting juxtaposition.

Educated in the field of Interior Design at the University of Minnesota with twenty years of sales, marketing and buying for art galleries and Interior Designers, I was called to this role as an artist which has had countless rewards. I like to think all of life’s experiences have prepared me for today and I look forward to each and every new relationship I make!